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Dear BikesDirect,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks and commend you on a superb operation.

I approached buying a major item (like a high quality bike) on-line with a bit of trepidation.
But, I have been pleasantly surprised by every apsect of this transaction.

The process of ordering the bike, the immediate email confirmation, tracking while being shipped all helped to ease my mind. When I rec'd the bike (just 4 short days after ordering) I was again impressed with the meticulous packing job. The bike arrived without a scratch, was assembled without a glitch aand has already provided me with hundreds of trouble-free and amazingly smooth, fast miles.

The Windsor Kennet is a fantastic bike and an outstanding value!

I tested C'dale Optimo's, Trek OCLVs, Fuji X-Fusions, Orbeas, LeMonds and others before settling on the Windsor. I most definitely made the right choice.

This is one amazing bike. I have quickly become an enthusiastic promoter of BikesDirect in general and Windsors in particular.


Rick Reas
Middleton, WI


I have received my Motobecane Le Champion Team2004 Road Bike. I am pleased with the way the bike was shipped (no problems). I had my friend (a bike mechanic) set it up for me. Everything was Ok. Road the bike several times and LOVE it.

Can't beat the price, full bike with Dura Ace 10 for only 1795!!! This bike rides better then my TREK Carbon! Thanks for a great deal!!!! >>

Happy and Satisfied Customer, Donovan Flynn

Just wanted to send a quick message to let you know that the bike is fantastic. I purchased the Mercier Draco AL with the full Ultegra groupo. I went on a 30 mile ride with some friends this weekend to dial the bike in and it bike performed even better than I expected. The acceleration was quick, the handling was agile, and it was very comfortable.

As for Bike's Direct, I will recommend you to all of my friends due to your courtesy, customer support, and quality of product. I received the bike within a couple days of ordering and the assembly was quite easy. The bike was exactly as described on your web-site. Please feel free to post my comments on your website as an endorsement and testament to your business. Take care.

Tim Seguy   
Atlanta, Georgia

I got my bike and took it for the first ride today and its great! Its fast, smooth and light.

A super bike for the LOW price. IM going riding again tomorrow. Thanks for the speedy shipping aslo. Well packaged, not a scratch. >>


I received my new bike last Thursday and assembled it right away, I took it in for some final adjustments and the bike was ready to go. On Sunday I rode it for the first time, 80 miles. It felt fantastic.

My friends were impressed that I paid so little for such a good bike, and the kind of components that it came with. Thank you

Tim A.   

WOW!!!! I just got finished with a final tune and about a 5 mile ride (my third 5 mile trip of the day). The bike is incredible. Everything that I expected, and more!!

I looked at several local bike dealerships, and as expected my desire for; 7005 aluminum frame DB, mid level shimano 105 compnents, OCR style wheels, clipless pedals and carbon fiber fork road bikes, were in the $1000.00 to $1300.00 dolar range. All of those bikes were pre tax and sans clipless pedals. That means the price was actually in the $1150.00 to $1500.00 dolar range. I had the same quality road bike on my door-step for $745.00. "That's what I'm talkin' about!!!!"

Thanks for the excellent, and easy purchase of an equally excellent road bike!!


Gary Dixner (I'm just a little excited about this.)


I received my Motobecane Team Le Champion two days ago.  It appears to be an excellent bike.  I am in the process of dialing everything in.  There is no flex, the steering is on the money and it climbs like a rocket.  I stopped racing three years ago but I might take it up again.   There was no damage upon delivery and it went together without a hitch.  I had some reservations ordering over the net sight unseen, but this has been a  positive experience.

Thanks again.   
Glen Wilkins
Pueblo West, Colo.

Thanks guys!

My Motobecane Fly 9357 arrived last night and this morning I can't stay off of it!  It's more bike than I ever expected for the price.  Everything arrived in perfect order and assembly was a snap.

Thanks for the fantastic service,

Denton Morris

Thanks, Bikesdirect.  The bike (Primal Heatstroke) arrived yesterday afternoon, a few hours after I sent the e-mail.  I finished assembly, tuned/adjusted everything, and went for a ride with my son.  He LOVES the bike! We stopped by our favorite shop to buy bottle cages, and the manager couldn't believe the bike we got for the price.  I've already bought two bikes from him, so he isn't too upset I didn't get my sons from him.  And I buy everything else there, so he's always getting money from me.  Too much, according to my wife.  Anyways, I'll write a nice letter for you to post on the website soon.  Thanks for the great bike!

John Cox


Just a short note to say how much I really am enjoying my new primal heatstroke. Even with the cold winter days here in Western PA  I have been able to squeeze in a few rides and couldn't be more happy with my selection.

Thanks again,

Paul Sanford
Enon Valley, PA

Hey Bikesdirect,
I received my KHS 1000 on the 19th of September and I must say that it is one fine machine. I have been riding it on some short trips and am very pleased with the performance of this bike.
I must say that putting the bike together was quite simple and the adjustments were minimal to say the least. When I ordered the bike I was kind of apprehensive of getting a bike from a mail order house, but once I received it I found out that not only was it a snap to put together but also I saved over $550.00 from the local dealer-to me that's a great bargain.
Once again it was great doing business with your company,
     Joe Sharon
     Pringle, Pa.

Dear bd.com,

My husband, Stan, and I got our matching 700DS bikes a few days ago.  
We took them to a local shop here to have them assembled since neither of us has any experience with bicycle assembly.
The guy in the shop was VERY impressed with them and couldn't believe how little we paid for them. When we looked around the his shop we were amazed at what a similar bike went for there. (the guy even admitted that he hoped that his customers didn't find you). Thanks for all your help and understanding with all our questions. I'll send you some pics of us with the bikes on our vacation.


Dear Bikesdirect,
This is Daniel from Baltimore. Remember, I got a Motobecane 500DS two weeks ago? I just wanted to notify you, that I am completely satisfied with the bike! It's a great riding experience! Probably the best I ever had on a bike.
In addition, the retired owner of a bikestore here in Baltimore asked me about the price of the bike, he suggested $1500.00!$!

Thanks again.
Daniel Beck
Dear Bikesdirect,
This is Daniel from baltimore mailing, remember, the guy who took your
offer of the 500DS. I never rode a sportier or rideable bike than the 500DS, it was really
great. However, after enjoying it for a month, it was stolen. You could understand
my disappointment.
I think my next bike (will contact you in spring) will be the same...



Just wanted to tell you that I got my 500 DS just over a week ago and I am
enjoying trail riding on it. I am blessed to have some fairly challenging
trails to ride on near my home with lots of trees, hills, ravines, and some
swampy areas also and the 500 DS seems to be the perfect fit for this type of
riding. By the way, assembly was very easy.

Lynn M.
Lake Charles, LA.

Dear bikesdirect.com

I must admit that I was somewhat hesitant about buying such an expensive
bike on-line but I gave it a shot.   I have now but about 500 miles on my Fuji Professional that 
I got from you and am LOVING IT!  There isn't a bike out there that compares.  What a ride!

Thanx Again,


Thanks so much for your patience.  I received that bike yesterday around
noon...Too bad I was at work until 10:30 pm and couldn't build it up until
then.  It's a sweet rig, definitely a worthy investment. 

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help.  Thanks for
your patience with my constant, nagging questions.  I will definitely be
recommending Bikesdirect.com to my friends and associates out here in South
Dakota; where triathlete bikes are only available through mail order or
                                       Most Sincerely,
                                       Eric Redinger
                                       Exercise Specialist, CSCS
                                       McKennan Center for Health & Fitness

Mr. Sander,
The bike (Motobecane - Mirage ($319)) got here on Tuesday (7/17). The box was a little beat up, but the bike was not harmed. Took about 20 minutes to put the handle bars, seat post and wheels on.  Went on my first ride today, the bike rides very fast. I was surprised to find such a nice bike for the price you advertised, I'm glad I didn't go with the $900.00 bike at the local shop. I was  worried that it was going to be "heavy", but it's a well built road bike and I'm mainly using it for exercise. You provide an online bike "heaven" for those of us who don't need the fancy racing bikes and just want quality at an affordable price.  

Thanks for replying to my email, I have already recommend Bikes Direct to some of my friends and neighbors here in Stafford, VA.


My name is Bill Boughner . I recently ordered the Motobecane Record.

I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with the bike!! I have received several compliments about this bike and seen some raised eyebrows when I told them the price.

I also went to my local bike shop and they informed me they could not get me the
same bike for less than $1000.00. So you weren't kidding about that either :-).

Anyway thanks again :-)


Just wanted to provide a little feedback on the Peugeot Riviera a bought two months ago.
It is indeed a very good deal at $295.00. It took me a little while to get the bike fitted out with a rack, fenders, lights etc, but since then I have put over 150 miles on it riding to and from work.

The Nexus hub is nearly ideal for my urban commuting route due to it's flexibility of shifting while  pedaling, coasting or even standing still. Shimano did a very good job of choosing the overall ratio coverage and spacing between gears, and Peugeot chose about the right chainring / sprocket ratio.   The gearing of the bike is 36, 42, 48, 56, 65, 76, 88 gear-inches. This gives a reasonable low gear, and a top gear allowing 25 mph at around 100rpm cadence. The top gear is a little optimistic with the 'cross tires provided, but with high pressure street tires it should be useable.

Thanks for including the Shimano service bulletins on the shifter & brake adjustment.
Thanks for your help.  
Regards, Matt McGough 

My husbands 50th birthday was this past Sunday and he was so thrilled to get a new bicycle (Peugeot Riveria) for his birthday. It was like watching a 5 yr. old getting his first bike he was so happy and put it right
together without any problems.

He even took it for a spin in the rain when it was all assembled and that is something my husband would normally never do is ride something brand new in the rain.  I really agonized over whether to buy him a camera or a bicycle and I certainly made the right choice. The next day in our local newspaper there was an article about bicycles for the baby boomers!!

I will certainly tell anyone who wants to purchase a new bike about you and what a nice experience it was purchasing from your company. You kept your promise as to having a safe and reliable wed site and also had the bike here safely packaged in the five days you promised. Thank you for all your help.

Sincerely Diane M.

I just received and assembled my bike yesterday and took it for a ride this morning, it rides great. I am very pleased with the bike.

Brannon Buchanan

I am thrilled with the Fuji Blaster DX that I ordered for my son. He loves his bike and can't wait to get
home everyday from school to ride it. I was very pleased with your service and your price. I am now looking for a bike for myself. I am a novice looking for something to tool around the neighborhood.
We live near the coast, so the terrain is very flat. what do you recommend?


My 700ds arrived yesterday. It was packed with plenty of high density foam wrapped around all painted parts and tightly zip-tied together. Not a scratch on it! After cutting all the zip ties off, and some quick assembly by my boyfriend (bars, wheels, seat and pedals), it was ready to go.  

I love riding this bike! It's very fun to ride and nothing had to be adjusted (brakes or shifters). The welds on the frame are very clean and the paint job (electric blue) looks great. I get compliments on this bike whenever I ride it! This bike compares well with bikes twice the price.  Thanks for your quick response to my emails. I recommend your bikes to all my friends.

Nini Avila

Recieved my bike on Thursday March 23, 2000. Put it together that same evening when i got home from work. Today i took it out for a test run and the super mirage is a fine machine. My biking friends were impressed. Very well built bike. It'll be in alot of bike tours this summer.
James H. Derflinger

Hey Guys,
The Motobecane 800DS is great, and I still can't believe the price. I had a Motobecane bike 20 years ago that I loved. Their quality is still the tops.  Two of my friends are ordering bikes from you and I can guarantee I'll be sending you more.  At last I've found a use for the Internet!!

Jack O'Neil

  Wisconsin2.jpg (28988 bytes)

Dear bikesdirect.com,

Sorry for the delay in forwarding the pics to you. (I have about 100 more if you need them.)
As you may recall, I'm the guy from Virginia that was the rare individual that had a problem with the ordering of the Super Mirage for my daughter Heather.

The family did our vacation in Wisconson the end of July, going about 450 miles in the week.
Absolutely beautiful country side. The bike worked out great.

The two pics are 1) the family, P.D. (me), my wife Kate, daughter Heather, and son Kyle; and 2)
a spectacular pic of heather centered under an unbelievable rainbow. It was actually a double rainbow.
I took the picture a little late, but you can possibly see the second one on the right side of the picture frame. I had this one blown up to a 12 x 20 and framed to give to Heather for a Christmas present. May even enter it in a photo contest if the opportunity presents itself.

The trip was fantastic. Other than the shower that caused this rainbow,only one other day of rain.
A great vacation. Hope bikesdirect is going well for you.

P.D. O'Keefe

(note: we only displayed one of the pics due to slow loading time... bikesdirect.com)

The bike came today, I got it setup and running. My son loves it, hopefully tommorrow I can swipe it from him and hit the trails. I'm sure you'll hear from us soon, my wife is bugging
for a new bike.
Gerry May

Well, we are extremely happy with our purchase and the price was the determining factor. We plan on ordering from you again in the near
future. Thanks

The Motobecane DS 600 has arrived. The box looked pretty beatup when UPS delivered it to our house. Writing on the box stated it had been repacked with clear packing tape over exposed areas of the bike carton had me and my wife thinking of refusing the delivery. I felt this was a UPS problem and put faith in your company as to how you pack your bikes for shipment. We opened the box and thankfully the bike looked ok with your cardboard packing wraped
around the painted frame. I put the bike together according to your mailed directions, which were a great help. The bike came through ok due to your careful original packing. This bike has been to a bike mechanic friend for final adjustments and he told my son that if you take care of this bike it will last you twenty years. Thank you for running a good customer service
oriented company.
Ron Seguin

The bike is great, it was easy to put together since most of it was already done. A few adjustments and I was down the road. It was Great to be back on a bike again. The bike not only looks good but is sweet to ride.  Thanks for the fast and easy way to order. I will be passing your WEB site along to others that might be interested.
Thanks again.


The bike arrived yesterday. The 600 DS is great and I was happy to see the upgraded rear deraileur. I am recommending bikesdirect.com to everyone I know that is looking for a bike.

Thanks again,
Steve Guynes

Just thought you'd like to know that the bike has arrived. That was fast!

the Bike is here. Just arrived, 10:40 am.  The boy will be elated.  There was a large hole in each side of the box but the UPS guy (who I know) and I, took it from the box and we did not see any damage.  I will have my older son put it together today before school is out.  Thanks again Bikesdirect, I'll let you know in a few days how he likes it.
PS If you need anything in this part of the country give me a call.

Hi Bikesdirect,
Well he does love the Bike. I had my son take it down to the local Bike
shop and he tuned it all up, as you suggested in the letter I received
today. I will pass along the information every time I get the chance and
hope to sell a few bikes for you.
Thanks again,

We did recieve the upgraded pedals. Thank you for your extra effort. We are very pleased with the quality and value of our Motobecane 400DS's.  They get alot of attention here in Spain. Thanks again!!!

Mitchell Feinberg mfeinberg@bbe-bbg.com

(RE: 700DS Motobecane)
She just arrived.....Everything's cool :)
She seems all there & good condition.


I wanted to thank you for the really nice 700ds. It was of much higher quality than I expected. I had been looking in bike shops for a month or two and could not find anything for near your price.

Everything was packed neatly and easy to put together with your instructions. The only tiny problem I had was cutting the several cable ties that held the front wheel to the frame in shipping. They were clamped so tight that I managed to puncture the tube in the front tire while being ultra careful not to scratch the frame. A trip to the bike
store and 3 bucks and I was on my way! 

I really liked getting what I wanted with no hassle. Being a middle-aged women is a sure fire way of being condescended to by some 18 year old bike store clerk. I've had really great luck ordering stuff
over the internet, and this is just another good experience to add to many others. Now all I have to do is get my boyfriend to get out from behind his computer, buy a bike and go riding with me!

Thanks Again,
J. Holzman

Dear Bikesdirect,

I was going to wait and write you as soon as I finished evaluating this beast. This is one "sweet" ride.
I started out just running the levee's near my house which offer some thrills, mistakes in cornering
 are rewarded with water hazards. Then proceeded to do some pretty rough stuff along the Truckee River,
 up by Reno, NV. Nothing much, big boulders, cliffs, lose rocks and dust. Today I did the entire
downtown area of Reno. Concerts, bands, food stands, slow moving old people, and congested traffic.
Perfect test for agility and ease of control. It not only turned out to be the best way to see the events,
 It was an awesome ego booster. Everyone I mean everyone was in awe over its high tech looks and
perfect finish.

So far the bike is far more advanced than I ever dreamed. I am very pleased with the combination of
components and light frame. There are a few upgrades which I will be doing, but they will all be so
minor that the bike is just a plain steal at your prices. The adjustable stem is great, how can you possibly
live without one. My hat is off to you and your crew. You assembled the bike really well. I have done only
minor adjustments to the brake tension and the end bar positions. Tuned the suspension for my weight
and off I rode. Other than that It went together quickly, all, I mean ALL gears are flawlessly in tune.
Has not slipped a cog yet. I believe this is one of my best purchases in the sports recreation toy category,
Lots of fun and exercise for the money. Keep up the great work.


P.S. Your personal service on the phone, via web and after the sale was very much appreciated. HEY,
but what's with the manual,, WE DONT NEED NO STINKIN MANUALS !!!! hahahaha, Heck I had been
riding it a week when I noticed that you had mailed them.

Hello Bikesdirect

I wanted to let you know that the Mirage that I ordered from you works great. I took it on a 65 mile ride
and enjoyed every minute with the bike. It is light and fast. It also deals well with hills. I found your
customer service to be the best it could be and I would recommend your service when ever possible.
Thanks again.
Carl La Rue


Received my bike today. Thanks for the good service.

Tim Adryan

Thanks, the bike is great, very good value.

Max Lazard

Bikesdirect, the bike came last Wednesday (five working days as promised) and I couldn't be happier with it, and with your operation. You're pros, and you sell a good product at a good price. You can bet I'm recommending you to my freinds here in Kentucky. I've turned at least one friend on to bikesdirect.com who's probably going to order that 650 DS special you have going. Thanks again for a great deal. This was my first venture into buying via the Web, and it was a good one all around!

Bikesdirect, It really great! I love my new 650DS and I'm recommending it to others! Michael E. Greenberg, Ph.D."

Bikesdirect: My wife received her bike today and is thrilled with it. Thanks for delivering so quickly. Thanks, Roberto Barón Baronrob@aol.com


Excuse me, The Motobecane bike arrived tonight. It was a late arrival, I have not been as excited since the
day we purchased a 30' Catalina sailboat. I can not believe the quality of the bike. WOW! THANK YOU.  My wife said I was crazy to buy over the internet sight on seen opps! She was mistaken.

George Rooney

Hi Bikesdirect

Just a note to let you know that the ladies Fuji Cambridge in Iris Mist arrived today in good shape. I've assembled it and my daughter is already riding. Thanks for your help and when the opportunity arises I'll recommend your business.
Thanks Mark

Dear bikesdirect.com,
I just bought one of your Motobecane 650DS bikes and I brought it to work. 3 guys at work liked it so much they all want to buy one now. None of them has a credit card or email and my credit card doesn't have to  room on it. I printed a order form for them and they are getting money orders. Is there anyway you could save bikes for them if I email you with what they want? I hope to hear from you soon.


The bike (Motobecane 650DS) is MUCH better looking than the picture, everyone remarks on how great the blue color looks (picture doesn't do it justice!).

Michael Greenberg

I am very pleased with the Mongoose I purchased from your company. It only took a few days to arrive and putting it together was fairly easy.  I took it out on a ride the day I recieved it. There is a big diffrence in the way it rides to my old bike.  I have told other people looking for a good bike at a good price to check out your web page. I'm glad I did.
Thanks a bunch.

John A.


My bike arrived on Friday ...like you said it should. I took it to Holland's Bike here in town to put together. It is so beautiful. I rode it home today! The whole experience has been wonderful. Thank you!


Received bike today (Fuji Blaster DX). Son is esctatic! Thank you!!!
Doug Brock



Hi Bikesdirect!
I got my Motobecane this past week and took it out for a test spin Sunday.
Loved it!


Great web site, easy to use...and the prices!! . I just ordered the Motobecane 700DS.
Jeff Hoffman

Hello Bikesdirect

It has been sometime since I have had a questions for you. Let me say that the
Motobecane Mirage that I got from you is working great and has been a great joy to ride.
I even get comments about the bike. I am hoping that some of the people that have asked my where
I got it have been in contact with you.

Carl La Rue

Hi Bikesdirect,
My new blue bike "Motobecane 400 DS" just arrived this afternoon -- beautiful
blue color. My daughter's boyfriend put it together, and my husband cut
about 2 inches off the seat bar.
I rode it around our street, and it rides fantastic. Both by son and my
daughter's boyfriend tried it out, too. They were really amazed how smooth
the ride felt. They couldn't believe the price either. you were right.
I did cut off about another inch off the seat bar because I could still
barely touch the ground with my tiptoes -- really had to stretch. Now it
feels more comfortable. I can always raise the seat up later if I want to.
Thanks so much for taking the time to talkl to me on the phone on the 6th of
June. I really appreciated all the advice you gave me to help me get a
"comfortable" bike. I know I am going to have fun with this bike.
Rosa M.

To whom it may concern:

Just a little note that I received the package in once piece. I am very impressed with the appearance, quality and the price of the Motobecane Record road bike. I have been riding it frequently and no problems. 
Thanks so much.


Dear bikesdirect.com
A friend came over to help me put the bike (Motobecane Super Mirage) together - it's perfect, and my friend was VERY impressed with the quality of bike I got for the price!  Thanks for putting a bike like this in my price range!! :)

Therese Foote


I recently purchases a Fuji Newest Bike from you and I am having the time of my life with it. It is everything that the reviews said that it would be and more.

Hi, Bikesdirect, you shipped my bike to me on May 22, and I just wanted to say thanks and how much I love it.  It is now many years (too many) since my Motobecane Mirage was stolen in downtown Minneapolis on my 21st birthday.  Now, after college, graduate school, two mortgages, 3 children and in my second marriage, the feeling I get when riding my new Motobecane, (well after I got used to the clip ons), is being 21 all over again!

Joyce Bledsoe

 Just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your service and the bike (Motobecane Record). It arrived very quickly after it was ordered. The rear wheel quick release had poked through the shipping box -- but there was no damage. I was able to quickly put the bike together, test brakes and shifting on the stand, put on some Performance SPD road pedals, and take it out on the road. I was really surprised everything was adjusted so well. I really feel like I got a real bargain!! I've passed your name on to several of my friends because it's not often these days that you get great service and good quality. Thank you!!



Thanks so much for your patience. I received that bike yesterday around noon...Too bad
I was at work until 10:30 pm and couldn't build it up until then. It's a sweet rig, definitely a
worthy investment. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help.
Thanks for your patience with my constant, nagging questions. I will definitely be recommending Bikesdirect.com to my friends and associates out here in South Dakota; where triathlete bikes are only available through mail order or internet.

Most Sincerely,
Eric Redinger Exercise Specialist,
CSCS McKennan Center for Health & Fitness

My 800DS arrived today and was packaged well. It was a bt of challenge to assemble as I'm an old roadie who last built a bike in 1980. The new technology is great.I took it for a spin this afternoon and the wheels were dead-on true with all derailleurs, shifters, and brakes working smoothly.

Kenneth D. Hency

     Just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your service and the bike (Motobecane Record).  It arrived very quickly after it was ordered.  The rear wheel quick release had poked through the shipping box -- but there was no damage.  I was able to quickly put the bike together, test brakes and shifting on the stand, put on some Performance SPD road pedals, and take it out on the road.  I was really surprised everything was adjusted so well.  I really feel like I got a real bargain!!  I've passed your name on to several of my friends because it's not often these days that you get great service and good quality.  Thank you!!


Dear Bikesdirect,
I am writing to thank you for the wonderful bike ! I can not tell you how much I enjoy it....I haven't been on a bike for 5 years....have been riding a YZF Yamaha and getting fat :(
Now I ride to and from the train and commute on it daily...about 25 miles .  It is almost a wonderful as Woody Allens "Orgasmatron" from the old movie !  :) Fat is melting and heart and lungs are telling me "Hey give it some time"  .  I am very satisfied and having a blast.
Thanks again,
Rick Kingsbury
PS. If you ever need a referral just drop me a note !

I recieved my bike today and am very excited with it.  I am very sorry for being such a nuisance, I was just very excited to recieve my bike. Thank You very much
Thank You, Stephanie Bozick

My 800DS arrived today and was packaged well. It was a bt of challenge to assemble as I'm an old roadie who last built a bike in 1980. The new technology is great.I took it for a spin this afternoon and the wheels were dead-on true with all derailleurs, shifters, and brakes working smoothly.
                                  Kenneth D. Hency 

The Motobebane Le Champion was delivered today, all seems to be as advertised. It is together and on the trainer, now if the rain stops I can hit the road. You will no doubt get an order from a friend, Nick very soon. Thanks for the bike and the fast delivery. Gary

I just bought one (Motobecane Grand Sprint) and its wonderful.  Thanks Mike.


I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the great service you provided throughout the purchase of my bike. Shipping was fast, credit toward the Fuji bike was done promptly and above all your courteous and personal touch in responding to email-messages(on time). Bikesdirect.com is as close as an internet bike shop can be to a real bike shop.

Jean Forichon

PS I will order the sandblaster in June for my daughter. It is for her July birthday.

As planned I received my Fuji Newest today. Thank you for putting up with a paranoid e-mail shopper (not to mention my e-mail provider).  The bike came out of the box in great order and was easy to put together.  I took it for a rider not an hour after opening the box. The shifting was right on and all is well.

Thank you,
Dale Dorvinen

Dear Bikesdirect,
I just received my Motobecane "Le Champion" today. It was well packed and well protected and arrived in perfect condition. The color was even better than as it appeared on the web site. Can't wait to get it assembled and take a ride. 
Thanks a lot.

Bikesdirect -
Just a quick note to let you know that my Fuji Team arrived in good shape.  It is a truly beautiful bike -- now if the snow would just go away!  Thanks again - I'll will recommend you to all my friends!

-Matt Miller

Sorry to have been so long writing to thank you for the excelent service. We have now riden the Super Mirages about 500 miles,(it's cold here) and love them. WHAT A DEAL!!
  Thanks again, the bikes are a "steal" and the service is wonderful.

Robert W Francis


I just wanted to let you know that i just recieved my Primal Heatstroke road bike.I am 6'1" tall and weigh 245lbs as a competitive bodybuilder and triathlete I need a bike that is light weight and super stong,I now have it in the Primal Heatstroke.I took it to performance bike shop in Beaverton, Oregon to have the final adjustments completed.
When i told them how much I paid for it they were blown away.  When they mentioned to me that they did not know that Primal made a road bike I told them that this is a limited edition.They are still shocked !!!!!!!!!!  You have a great place for people to purchase bikes at unbelievable prices.
Again thanks so much!
Ron Feldman

Thank you having a great company online.  I believed that would not ever find well build one speed bicycle again.  Because vision problems, I am unable ride mutispeed  bicycles. I use my bicycle  to get exercise and deliver newspapers.
So keep up the good work .

Karl Waterkuetter