What does it weigh?

Exact weights by model and size are not quoted by the major brands; including Trek, Motobecane, Cannondale, Specialized, Windsor, Fuji, Dawes, Gary Fisher, Mercier, and Giant. We do not weigh most of the over 100 individual models we sell.

Some brands post the reason they do not quote weights; others do not. The generally given reason is not only that each size of a model is different in weight, but also that manufacturing tolerances create weights different between even two 'exactly the same' bikes.

In addition, there is a history to this issue. There is no industry standard to whether weights should include reflectors, pedals, or even seats. In the past, some quoted weights never included pedals, seats, or reflectors. There was a period in which all bike companies just quoted incorrect weights lead by the old Schwinn company quoting weights as much as 5 lb. under actual weight.

The good news is that today almost all bike shop grade bikes are made in the same factories to the same general specs. Therefore, weights of similar bikes are always very close. Buyers can be best guided by spec level.

As a guideline:

Nearly all Mountain Bikes and Hybrid Bikes in bike shops weigh 28 to 32 LBS. As a reference point: the lightest production ATB we know, the Motobecane FLY TEAM Ti weighs about 19.5 depending on size {without pedals and reflectors}

Cafe style bikes weigh in the mid 20lbs range.
Classic City Bikes weigh around 28lbs.
Steel framed Fixed/SS bikes weigh around 19-21lbs.

Road bikes all weigh very close by Shimano or SRAM group used, add 1lbs. for cross bikes or steel frames.
Shimano 2200 bikes - around 23
Shimano Sora bikes - around 22
Shimano Tiagra/SRAM Apex bikes - around 21
Shimano 105/SRAM Rival bikes around 19
Shimano Ultegra/SRAM Force bikes around 18
Shimano DuraAce/SRAM Red around 17

As reference points: One of the lightest production road bike we know of is the Motobecane Le Champion 10 which is 14.1 LBS {a race only bike with carbon cranks, carbon wheels, glue on tires, etc.}
Some of the lightest 'normal' use bikes are the Fuji Team SuperLight and Motobecane Le Champion SL - both of these are around 15lbs

Since 95% of the bike shop quality bikes sold are made by one of three Asian factories; buyers can easily ensure the best quality, durability, ride, and weight by focusing on spec to price ratio.

We only publish weights provided by the manufacturers, and not all manufacturers list all or any weights for their bikes.

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