Questions about what size to buy? We are happy to answer.

Please Compose an email with the following Four easy pieces of info:

1) your Height

2) your Cycling Inseam from from floor to pubic bone. Do NOT use your pants/slacks inseam.
a) Put on your riding shoes and shorts, stand straight and tall with your back against a wall.
b) Straddle a hard back book spine pressed upwards as if it was the saddle.
c) Have a friend measure from the floor to the top of the book spine. This is your cycling inseam number.

3) Which Bikes? Make/Model names and links to bikes you are considering

4) Riding Where and How? Your desired riding areas and if you are an aggressive or relaxed rider.

5) Email (copy/paste the address into your email) They'll get back to you within 24 hours. Weekends may take a bit longer.

inseam measurement

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