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LTD QTYS of thes
e 5.5 Inch / Travel Full Suspension 27.5 / 650B Mountain bikes
MY2020 Motobecane HAL Boost Super 24
27.5 / 650B Full Suspension Mountain Enduro/Trail Bikes

Shimano M7100 SLX 2X12 Speed, M7100 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
and Rockshox PIKE 150mm Forks

Click to see enlarged photo

*ALL BIKES FREE SHIP 48 LTD QTYS of these 5.5 Inch /  Travel Full Suspension 27.5 / 650B Mountain bikes MY2020 LTD Motobecane HAL Boost Super 24 27.5 / 650B Full Suspension Mountain Enduro Bikes Shimano M7100SLX 2X12 Speed Der. Shimano M7100 Hydraulic Disc Brakes Rockshox PIKE  Forks SOLDOUT, Not Restocking This Bike has SOLDOUT, Get More Deals Click Link Now
SOLDOUT, Not Restocking
This Bike has SOLDOUT, Get More Deals Click Link to the Right
This Bike has SOLDOUT, Get More Deals Click Above

Click For: Customer Reviews | Sizing Guide | Reviews | Specs | Geometry

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SOLDOUT, Not Restocking

SALE FAQ: Q: How is this price so low, near comparable dealer wholesale? A: Motobecane has a very strong relationship with DT SWISS and SHIMANO and can offer a promotional sale on a limited number of these bikes.
It's thousands below other brands similar spec bikes, What corners are being cut? A: BikesDirect has cut expenses: 1) Minimal Advertising, 2) NO Sales Commissions, 3) No physical store overhead, 4) No inflated Corporate pay structures

Shimano M7100 SLX 2X12Spd 27.5/650B
Full Suspension Enduro Mountain Bikes

2020 Motobecane 27.5
Full Suspension Enduro/Trail
HAL Boost Super 24
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(Compare $4999)
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NEW Highly Active Link Suspension
Incredible Climbing/ Control
DT SWISS Tubeless Compt Rims
Advanced Hydroform Aluminum Frames
Rockshox PIKE Forks
Shimano M7100 Hydraulic Brakes
Front/Rear Thru Axles
FREE STEALTH Dropper SeatPost

Save up to 60% Off List Prices
Buy Factory Direct from Bikesdirect

Compare to $6,000+ Trek, Giant 27.5/650B

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Bikes come up to 90 percent assembled. Assembly is easy. An 11 year old customer assembled their own bike. Check out his video: CLICK HERE.How much Assembly? CLICK HERE for sample assembly instructions and videos CLICK HERE for a special price on the full Video DVD/CD and Folding Mini ToolKit
If you don't feel confident working on your bike, we suggest you take it to a local bike shop for final assembly & safety checks.

We have sold thousands of Motobecane Full Suspension mountain bikes. A high level of engineering and attention to detail is seen on all Motobecane mountain bikes. Happy customers send friends and family to buy these incredibly capable mountain bikes all the time.

This is the much anticipated mid-fat, Plus Bike with Boost Axles HAL Boost (Highly Active Linkage) by Motobecane USA. Building upon over a decade of FS design, the HAL BOOST 29/27.5+ Full Suspension is designed for up to 5.5 inches of terrain taming travel both front and rear. The HAL Linkage uses a chainstay mounted pivot for even more supple suspension tracking and incredible control even while applying the brakes. Chainstays are optimized on the HAL Boost models for incredible Billy Goat climbing and traction.


Real Customer Videos / Reviews:
HP- "I'm impressed with the bike. I've been riding mtb since 1981 and was a pro rider for years in the 90's. The bike handles as well, if not better than some of the $6k bikes I've owned. I've done many double black and jump trails and have hit jumps with over 8ft of air. The bike just rips! It's easy to manual, and is twitchy and fun to ride. I have 6 bikes at the moment and one ebike, a bulls estream evo am 4. But I'm usually riding my Hal boost. One of the most fun bikes I've ever owned."

JB- " On Strava I’m posting some great times. 2nd all time on a 9 min rip. rode this bike for about a year now. Still liking it and still no issues mechanically.

RW- "I have the hal6 team edition... love it"

"The (Hal Boost) bike is excellent, I really like it. I came off a Yeti ASR and found the (HAL Boost) ride to be superior to that high dollar bike."

Real Customer Reviews of Motobecane HAL full Suspension Mountain Bikes
AFT / "Just put 11 miles on the new bike! This thing is amazing!! Can't get enough of these shocks, that and the rear derailleur shifts so damn quick. Love it!"

Daniel E. "Wow this bike is incredible…this is the best and probably most expensive bike I've ever ridden, but I couldn't have even imagined a bike feeling this great on a trail. Not sure on the weight, but it feels very light and quick (I'm tubeless, which may help) while still being stiff. The travel is a lot, but I was able to use what looked like 80-90% on my ride today while still feeling efficient on the flats and climbs, noting that I was playing around with the rear lockout…Everything about this bike is great, looks amazing, hell even the saddle is very comfortable.

JR Glenni "…my Hal6 Expert climbs great. Down shifting is firm and quick even when shifting late or downshifting more mid climb, and I didn't really notice pedal bob on the climbs. The front did tend to lift up on me more than I was used to, but I'm coming from a hard tail 29'er that was more of an XC design with a longer wheelbase, so that's not surprising. I was still able to climb pretty quickly with it, and I don't think the light(er) front end will be an issue as I get more used to it."

Jeff R "I am also coming from a hardtail 29er, but feel that my hal6 climbs just as good if not better on technical climbs. I'm not fighting for my back wheel to maintain traction and it soaks up the roots, rocks, and bumps… On Saturday, broke my strava record for a technical climb I do regularly on my hal6 without even trying…All in all, I'm very impressed with the overall performance of the bike…"

Compared to Specialized Stumpjumper Elite FSR
P /
"...short little review after ~5 miles of techy singletrack with around 1,000ft of climb. First off, I'm coming from a 2013 Stumpjumper Elite FSR 29er and have the Hal6 PRO for comparison. Obviously, the suspension on the moto is a HUGE upgrade. My first time riding a Pike and I must say, I'm sold. I was actually pedaling thru a lot of the rougher sections instead of trying to pick a perfect line. Also found it much easier to throw the bike around and clear a lot of the super tech stuff. Definitely a noticeable difference in geometry as well. I felt like I was in a much better position when I was pointed downhill. One of my biggest gripes with the Stumpy was pedal clearance. You basically can't pedal thru a turn on the Stumpy without striking a pedal. Didn't have a single strike on the Moto today…All in all, couldn't be happier with how everything performed on my first ride. ...feels fantastic on the downhill/tech sections.

Compared to Specialized Stumpjumper FSR
"I did another really technical climb on my hal 6 pro...I made it way further than I ever have on any other bike. Its narrow, rocky, rooted, and steep and even I was amazed at what I made it through. Part of the advantage of this bike is the high pedal clearance. I could also feel the back just sticking down, never spun out once even when leaning forward. I attribute that to the suspension, and the nice tires. The feeling of the bike under me is light and stiff. I assume the hal5 will climb better than the hal 6 because of a steeper head angle, and less travel front and rear. I will be doing a direct comparison with my friends MY2020 stumpjumper FSR comp. the frame angles and measurements are almost identical on paper except for the seat tube on the Hal being steeper by 1.5 degrees…"

The (Hal Boost) bike is excellent, I really like it Why Do I love My HAL Boost?
*ALL BIKES PrepayShipsJul15-30th LTD QTYS of these 5 Inch / 140mm Travel Full Suspension 29erPlus / Boost Mountain bikes MY2020 Motobecane HAL Boost 29 AXS EAGLE SRAM 1x12 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bikes SRAM AXS Wireless EAGLE XO1 1x12 Speed SRAM LEVEL Hydraulic Disc Brakes Rockshox PIKE 140mm Forks

What Do The HAL BOOST 29er/27+ Bikes Compare to? Price and Features
Your Motobecane HAL Boost 27Plus Full Suspension bikes have:
Up to 5.5 inches of travel, weigh approx 29.5lbs tubeless (On Sale $1999).
The Pivot Cycles have:
135mm rear travel (Price $8,400+) weigh about the same when converted tubeless. :) For the price difference, you can buy parts for your HAL Boost and make it even lighter and STILL have $$$ left over to go on a sweet MTB vacation. :)

What Are the Widest Tires One Can Use on the HAL BOOST Full Suspension Plus Bikes?
The HAL Boost frames have 150mm Travel and a rear tire clearance up to 96mm. The Rockshox Pike Forks have 81mm clearance on the front. Note, always allow enough room between the tires, frame, parts and fork so your tires don't rub. (ie- you cannot run a 96mm tire in the rear nor 81mm in the front) editor rides a 6by6 and raves: "...Frame angles are dialed...Held up in big descents...Great value..."
Rating: 4 Flamin' Chili Peppers-out-of-5
"...we’re happy to report that the bike checked out just fine…suspension is active vertically and stiff laterally…responsive…held up in the big descents without complaint….angles were just right at 67.5 and 73.5 respectively. For all-around trail riding, it definitely did the job. And at that price you’ll likely have money left over for upgrades. Frame is stout and laterally stiff, Frame angles are dialed, wheels are strong…attractive lines on it with a top tube bend for improved clearance. Tubes are oversized and welds are beefy.
Component choices are smart…great value bike on the new 29er wheel size….best deals and components to deliver a solid package…"

Bottom line it’s an attractive and affordable package that leaves plenty of budget for down-the-road upgrades…is ridiculous value and it will be an awesome performer.

Bicycling Magazine says the Fantom Team carves the trails and has "components normally found on bikes costing thousands more..."

Dirt Rag Magazine editor rides the Fantom Team in several 24 HOUR Races and raves:

"In addition to The Wilderness 101, I completed the Wild 100 (kilometers) and a 96 mile Duo Class 24-hour race on the Fantom Team. The biggest compliment I can give the bike is to say that I didn't have to think much about it during those events. ...The Fantom Team's handling is well mannered and intuitive. Carving through tight singletrack is a breeze...the bike loves to go downhill fast. During the aforementioned 24-hour race, there is a long, fast downhill where I routinely blew by hardtail racers like they were standing still. When my quarry wasn't eager to yield the A line, I went for the gusto and passed on the B line, relying on the Fantom Team's suspension to gobble up the rocks and ruts..."

Even when reviewed at list price, magazines feel the Motobecane mountain bikes are incredible values.

When you consider the discount BIKESDIRECT offers on these incredible quality mountain bikes; nothing else comes even close!

Buy one now at a discounted, factory direct price with shipping included to 48 states.

Customer Video Review>>

Customer video is of the HAL6.

Customer Raves:
Hal6 (Team) "Handles Incredibly, Saved a Ton of Money on it"

Hal6 (Expert) "…for the money - pretty awesome, having a blast" "worth the money" "(vs Giant Trance $2300) "pretty comparable, pretty darn good"

Watch a Video Review>>

A high level of engineering and attention to detail is seen on all Motobecane mountain bikes.This video is of the 29er, cousin to the much anticipated Full Suspension 27.5/650B by Motobecane USA.

Building upon over a decade of FS design, these bikes are superb offroad machines. The HAL (Highly Active Linkage) Design represents the top of the food chain. Super supple and more control than ever.

Professional Racing and Trail Proven Parts
Imagine the trails you will crush with a Top Rated Rockshox PIKE Fork up front and up to 5.5 Inches of travel in the rear.

No corners are cut, the HAL Boost Super 24 has top-of-the-line Full Race specs. A Rockshox PIKE 27.5/650B fork with up to 150mm of travel + in the rear, the NEWEST Rockshox MONARCH Air rear shock with Rapid Recovery Rebound Technology. Last time we checked, by themselves Rockshox PIKE Forks have an MSRP of around $900

Improvements Specific to this Motobecane USA 27.5/650B FS design:

The HAL (Highly Active Linkage) Design represents the top of the food chain. Super supple. Climbing, descending and braking with more control than ever. The HAL 6 Series features shorter chainstays than ever before = Billy Goat climbing ability and traction.
HOT NEW DT SWISS Tubeless Compatible Rim wheelsets
1) Huge SIX inches of Highly Active Linkage Travel with Rockshox PIKE Forks
2) Tapered Steerers and Thru Axle hubs FRONT AND REAR
3) Advanced hydroformed Aluminum frame for a strong and lightweight package
4) FULL CNC Aluminum Knuckle Box Suspension
5) Room for most 29x2.35-2.4" or 27.5x2.8 Tires with appropriate wheelset (*most manufacturers, not all makes/models of tires run true to labeled size)
6) STEALTH Dropper SeatPost Routing

NEW DT SWISS Tubeless Rims
Get Tubeless tech rims now. Tubeless wheelsets of this caliber sold by themselves are normally around $500. So this is an incredible deal: You are getting a complete Shimano HYPERGLIDE+ 2X12 mountain bike with a pro-quality DT SWISS Tubeless Compatible wheelset. Get amazing technology, now!

The drive train is race proven. Shimano 2X12 cranks. A sealed bearing cartridge headset
FULL Shimano 2X12 drivetrain with Shimano M7100 double-action pod shifters, HYPERGLIDE+ derailleurs and incredible Shimano M7100 Hydraulic brakes and levers.

PRO LEVEL 2X12 Shimano HYPERGLIDE+ Drivetrain for mountain bikes
Shimano's next-generation HYPERGLIDE+ drivetrain brings with it the legendary quality, durability and performance Shimano is known for, all packaged to meet the ever-evolving demands of today’s riders. HYPERGLIDE+ brings together the rider, the bike and the trail. Intuitive gear combinations account for how riders deliver power through the drivetrain; optimized Primary Driving Gear even the roughest, rockiest, muddiest trails can’t shake Shimano’s most stable off-road mountain bike drivetrain to date. HYPERGLIDE+ is a comprehensive redesign made up of a multitude of thoughtful details, features and revisions that together add up to a world beating, trail conquering ride.

Professional Racing Handling
Motobecane USA has dialed in a race-proven geometry into this phenomenal ride. Very responsive and yet stable. Just like the award winning FLY Team hardtail, singletrack and switchbacks are all handled with ease.

Slow speed, high speed, technical to flat-out hammering, you'll rip the trails 'cause this bike is so darn capable and super plush.

Super Versatile: Turbo Full Suspension Plus/MidFat Bikes

With the HAL BOOST series, you've got an incredibly capable full suspension mountain bike that'll do just about anything for Thousands less than any other bike.

What is Boost: The HAL Boost is a Boost spacing mountain bike. Boost is a new dropout standard designed to widen the hubs on the previous standard MTB spacing wheels. The rear axle is wider by 6mm to 148mm and the front axle by 10mm to 110mm. Wider flanges = wider bracing angle for spokes = a stronger and stiffer wheel. Allows the use of 29er wheels with higher strength and stiffness for top performance. Also, More tire clearance, ability to use 27PLUS tires and with shorter chainstays for superior handling and climbing.

Equipped with 27PLUS Tire/Wheels
With the HAL Boost's stock 27.5x2.6 tires you can hang with virtually anything on the trail. No worries about dealing with a Fat bikes super wide BB, the crank/pedals are no wider than a normal bike. Virtually all the float and traction of a full on full suspension fat bike, without excess flubber and jounce.

The HAL Boost is a turbo-traction, climb and descend just about anything enduro / trail plus mountain bike. But- that's not all...

Warp Speed! Fits 29er Boost Wheels/Tires
Put in your own Boost 29er wheels and tires (fits most 29x2.5) and you'll have a warp speed 29er Boost Enduro / XC Rocket!

- Due to extremely High Demand we expect to sell out of these very soon

HAL Boost Sizing Guide

38cm - 5'5" to 5'7"
43cm - 5'8" to 5'10"
48cm - 5'11" to 6'1"
52cm - 6'2" to 6'4"

This is a general guide, Sizing is a personal preference, the final choice is up to you. Between sizes? If you size up, you may touch when you straddle the bike.


BOOST Axle Spacing 29 / 27.5+ SUSP. MTB ALLOY(6061) WHEEL TRAVEL: Up to 140mm.  B.B. SHELL: BB92 ALUMINUM 41x92MM ( KNUCKLE BOX MADE BY CNC ) Hydroformed Butted and Geometric Multishaped Aluminum tubes,1 set H2O Bosses (Small has no bosses), Four Bar Rocker Arm with HAL Linkage. Gusseted SL 6061 Aluminum (Disc Brake Equipped) Super Smooth Sealed Cartridge Bearings at critical pivots, Dropouts: ALUMINUM VERTICAL W/ALUMINUM REPLACEABLE HANGER W/POST DISK MOUNT. O.L.N:148MM, (Riders are reporting there is Room for 27x3.5" and some 29x2.6 tires, not all tires will fit)
HEADTUBE 1-1/8"/1.5" ( 44/56mm ) L: 38/43/48/52M=100/120/130/140mm. Internal / External Dropper SeatPost Routing.

Fork/ Rear Shock

Fork: ROCKSHOX PIKE-RC-B2, CHARGER, CROWN ADJUST 29" BOOST™, DEBONAIR, 51 OFFSET, TAPERED Steerer: ALLOY (1.5" to 1-1/8" ) CROWN: Forged, hollow 7050 aluminum, STANCHION:35mm tapered wall aluminum , BLADE: Magnesium, 180mm post disc mount , TRAVEL:150mm, BOOST 15X110 MXL ULTIMATE W/Extl Rebnd, Extl rebnd, low speed comp
Rear: ROCKSHOX Monarch RL-C3 AIR SHOCK, EYE TO EYE:190mm TRAVEL: 51mm W/External rebound W/LOCKOUT

Crankset SHIMANO M7120-B2, SLX, FOR REAR 12-SPEED, HOLLOWTECH 2, 175MM, 36-26T
Front Derailleur SHIMANO FD-M7100-D, SLX, 2X12, SIDE SWING, FR-PULL, DIRECT-MT, Fits:36-38T
Cassette SHIMANO CS-M7100-12, SLX, 12-SP(HYPERGLIDE+) 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-40-45T
Wheelset DT SWISS E 1900 SPLINE® Black ( 30mm ) WHEELSET (1998g )
RIMS DT SWISS 27.5" AL BLK ANO. TUBELESS READY 28H W/FV INCLUDING Tubeless tape 32 mm, Tubeless valve MTB 32 mm ( IN PARTS BOX )
F/HUB DT SWISS NEW SPLINE 370 BASED 28H. Center Lock, OL: 15x110MM Thruaxle Boost
R/HUB DT SWISS NEW SPLINE 370 W/3PAWL SYSTEM , 28H. Center Lock OL: 12x148MM Thruaxle Boost, SHIMANO Microspline 12S
R.HUB THRUaxle KINESIS 09-QR-00007-1 , AL 7075 M12xP1.75x180L/TR20mm, BLK ANO.

MAXXIS Rekon 27.5x2.60 120tpi, 3C/EXO/TR, BLACK w/white logo, Folding Bead

Headset FSA ORBIT 1.5 ZS , FOR 1-1/8"/1.5" FORK STEM , Internal Alloy Cups, 1-1/8" ACB Upper, 1.5" ACB Lower,w/Std 12.3mm top cover (H2051B) ,  W/39.78 BALL RACE ( 28.6x44/55.95x39.78mm) 
Handlebar MTB-AL 6061 RISE H/BAR ( 9° ) B/CENTER: 31.8mm.R/W:20/760mm. SS.A.BK

MTB AL 6061 A-HEAD. EXT:(6°) 60/70/80/90MM FOR 38/43/48/52CM C/S:31.8x28.6x37mm

Grip LOCKON VP VPG-101A PP/TPR MATERIAL W/ Single Aluminum Clamp, D 22.2mm x OD 30mm x L 135mm , BLACK
Saddle WTB SL8 142x263 COMP , PP Base, Satin Steel Rail, PU Leather Cover
Seat Post Clamp Super Light Aluminum
Sizes see pull down
Colors see pull down

Compare to other Full Suspension 27.5/650B XTR 2X12 Shimano equipped Mountain Bikes at $5,000 to $6,000


Bikes come up to 90 percent assembled.  
We suggest you take it to your local bike shop for final assembly & safety checks.